Why Choose Hancock Diabetes and Endocrine Center

Because We Care…

At the Hancock Diabetes and Endocrine Center in Murfreesboro, we focus on a “Total Management” philosophy.  Diabetes and Endocrine complications ARE serious medical matters.  What they ARE NOT is quick fixes that can be solved by just medication alone.  By focusing on proactive lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise and the right mix of medications, we can effectively treat the disease at the foundation and change lives for the better.

Our caring staff will treat you like family and always be there to help you along your journey.  Our staff have family members with diabetes and endocrine complications so they always know what you’re going through.  The Hancock Diabetes and Endocrine Center strives to provide the latest in diabetes research, all to help you live a full life.

The Sailboat

The sailboats and paraphernalia that are associated with sailing throughout our office are representatives of Dr. Hancock’s faith.  In Dr. Hancock’s words, “The sailboat is a vessel that requires a Captain.  It requires one of nature’s most fierce elements to cause it to move – the wind.  The wind can produce not only fearful, but calming and soothing feelings.  Throughout life we all have moments when our lives are tossed like a ship on raging waters.  We have trials and tribulations in our personal life – sickness, not immediately achieving our goals, sadness, etc.  At other times, we see our lives unfolding in the right direction, as if we carried a compass – a guide ‘book’ that placed our lives on calm waters.  However, our Maker is always in control of our vessel.  He is our anchor and source of strength”. 

It is with humbleness and great respect that Lloyd Hancock assumes the title of physician.  His Maker has allowed him the opportunity to help patients realize improved health and quality of life – “always remembering to whom much is given much is expected,” and always knowing the true Captain of the Hancock Diabetes and Endocrine Center.


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