Just Diagnosed with Diabetes?

Take a Deep Breathe, You Are Not Alone

If you or a family member has been recently diagnosed with diabetes, it can feel like your life has suddenly gotten a lot more complicated.  “Why?” and “What am I supposed to do now?” are all common reactions to a new diagnosis.  Whether you have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 (formerly know as adult-onset diabetes), the caring and compassionate staff at Hancock Diabetes and Endocrine Center is here to help you and your family successfully manage the disease. 

If you are visiting our website today, you have taken the first step to managing diabetes.  The professionals at Hancock Diabetes and Endocrine Center have helped countless numbers of people to improve their quality of life.  We consider our patients as part of our family and love hearing their stories of success.

Remember, understanding diabetes is crucial to living a healthy and fulfilling life with the disease.  Simple changes in your diet and lifestyle can yield powerful results to managing your blood sugar.  At Hancock Diabetes and Endocrine Center, we’re here for you every step of the way.  Whether you come into the office for an initial consultation or simply take advantage of the resources on our website, we’re here to help! 

The first step in managing your diabetes and other endocrine disorders is by contacting your primary care physician (PCP) who will contact our office on your behalf to set up an initial appointment.   To view more resources for the recently diagnosed information, please visit the American Diabetes Association’s “Recently Diagnosed” page http://www.diabetes.org/recently-diagnosed.jsp




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